Video Conferencing Solutions by TrueConf

Professional Video Conferencing Software

TrueConf Endpoints Video conference participants can both hear and see each other. Moreover, visual conference participants can exchange data, collaborate on common tasks, record videos. Video conference make it possible to reduce expenses, save time and speed up making decisions process. There are two HD video conferencing modes: video call and group video conference. Personal video conference or video call is visual communication between two users. There are various video conferencing types. For instance, you can create a virtual meeting with up to 4 speakers and up to 116 listeners.

Video Conferencing System

TrueConf Infrastructure TrueConf develop's video conferencing software that work over the Internet and LAN. Such approach is highly convenient for large organizations with private corporate network, and not very big companies that use video conferencing as an Internet service. Conducting video conferences with TrueConf solutions doesn't require capital expenses and specialists involvement, as it easy to configure and start using TrueConf software. You need several hours and PCs or laptops only to deploy video conferencing system. We provide free trial versions for the whole video conferencing line and we'll be happy to test them.

Web Conferencing Software

In order to organize web video conference over the Internet all participants should be connected to the global network and have access to the video conferencing service. Visual communication based on cloud technologies is the one of the easier and cheaper. Still, such services don’t guarantee high video quality on slow Internet channels, and such problems concern majority of multipoint video conferencing sessions. We offer you TrueConf Online video conferencing service, which is designed specifically to work on slow and unreliable channels providing HD video quality. Besides, the cloud service supports SVC technology, High-End codecs and algorithms that ensure stability on the whole course of a group video conference.

Works over the Internet and LAN

Video conferencing systems can be deployed in LAN, and this method perfectly suits organizations with distributed structure that take care about network security. To deploy video conferencing system within the corporate network a company will need a specific software that allows organize either personal or multipoint video conferences. Video Conferencing Server can work not only over the Internet, but also in local (LAN) and virtual (VPN) networks of any complexity. Video conferencing server is compatible with firewalls, Proxy servers, and satellite networks, and supports UDP Multicast, LDAP and SSL technologies.

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