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Orchid Telecom - Telephone SystemOrchid Telecom Ltd was established in 2003 to address the ever expanding SoHo and SME market's telephony requirements. Designing and developing it's own range of PBX systems to a high specification but without being over-priced.

Orchid Telecom products are sold across the UK and Europe including Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and India.

A unique business in the telephony field as we can adapt and call upon our manufacturing base to meet our customer's needs.

Orchid telecom also has it's own range of complimentary products such as office telephones, headsets and installation leads to complete the package and prides itself in it's after sales support and backup to all it's dealers and wholesalers and the ultimate end user, offering with all our systems 12 month warranty and Customer Care Licenses for that added peace of mind.

A phone system is probably the most important communication device in any business allowing telephone lines to be shared between multiple employees, saving money and creating clear communication links between your business and your customers.

The PBX206, PBX308 and PBX416 models give you all the functionality you would expect from a traditional telephone system such as transferring calls, putting calls on hold and conference calls.

The next level would be to have a key system with Key Phones. These allow companies to have one or more dedicated staff to answer calls and forward them to the right person or department, the traditional receptionist position. The Key Systems with a Key Phone gives the operator a virtual indicator of which lines and extensions are ringing or busy and allows multi call holding and transferring.

Key Features for all Orchid Products:
Orchid Telecom PBX 816 ex
  • Easy to Install
  • User friendly
  • For corded or cordless telephones
  • Excellent customer support
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