Integrated Building Management Services

Building Management Services by TechnoPlanet Enterprise TechnoPlanet Enterprise integrated building solutions provide a single window approach for a diverse range of products, systems and services and help optimise efficiency and costs. As a turnkey solution provider, we takes responsibility for design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance, offering end-to-end solutions and working with customers as a reliable technology provider and a dependable partner. Our range of integrated building solutions include complete Surveillance [CCTV Camera Installations], Board Room Solutions, Security Systems, Access Controls, Electricals, HVAC and Clean room systems, Integrated Building Management Systems and Operation and Maintenance Services.

TechnoPlanet Enterprise desires value addition for its customers and it strives to make a long term relationship with them. This brought them in the field of providing Integrated Service Solutions for the various facilities of their customers. TechnoPlanet Enterprise's Building Systems which deals with HVAC, Electrical distribution & Integrated Building Management System understands that even after the completion of the state of the art installations in the above areas, the purpose of the customer will not be served until their is a very efficient service support for such installations. TechnoPlanet Enterprise’s approach to Integrated Building Solutions includes optimisation of maintenance costs, consulting, as well as renovations and retrofits throughout the life-cycle of the buildings resulting in high return-on-investments and savings on maintenance services.

What is a Building Management System and how does it work?

The BMS is a “stand alone” computer system that can calculate the pre-set requirements of the building and control the connected plant to meet those needs. Its inputs, such as temperature sensors and outputs, such as on/off signals are connected into outstations around the building. Programmes within these outstations use this information to decide the necessary level of applied control. The outstations are linked together and information can be passed from one to another. In addition a modem is also connected to the system to allow remote access. The level of control via the BMS is dependent upon the information received from its sensors and the way in which its programmes tell it to respond to that information. As well as offering a precise degree of control to its environment, it can be made to alarm on conditions that can’t meet specification or warn of individual items of plant failure.
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