3CX - Innovating Communicatons

3CX Phone System for Windows delivers Unified Communications technology by unifying voice mail, fax and email as well as providing presence information.
With 3CX Phone System, employees can easily see the presence of other users and avoid making or transferring calls unnecessarily.
Presence is displayed in any standards-based IP phone, as well as in the 3CX MyPhone user portal.
Furthermore, 3CX unifies voice mail and faxes with email by delivering them to the user’s inbox.
3CX provides full video capability - using 3CXPhone or a SIP video phone, video calls can be made with a click of a button.
3CX includes a fax server that is able to route incoming faxes as PDFs to email. Users can send faxes via traditional fax machines or by using a 3rd party T38 capable fax server software.
With 3CX, businesses save time and money as they can forget about fax machines and extra telephone lines.

10 Advantages of 3CX Phone System

  • Easy to Manage by an IT Administrator
  • Costs less to buy and expand
  • Greater returns on investment
  • Use existing hardware and make huge savings
  • More features by leveraging Windows technologies
  • Hardware and vendor independent - no vendor lock in
  • Better fault tolerence through easy backup of your PBX
  • 3CX Phone System is more scalable than hardware PBXs
  • Better integration with other business applications
  • Easily build voice application that increase productivity
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