Hospitality Consulting Services and Solutions

TechnoPlanet Enterprise has professional experience in Planning
  • Market Analysis
    We provide you with an insight into operations and quality systems within the hospitality service sectors.
  • Design Services
    We look at hotel, restaurant and facilities from a architects perspective.
  • Operations Consulting
  • Planning
    Our Planning services include. Feasibility Analysis, Market Analysis, Investment Strategies, Precisely Sizing Infrastructure and Staff.
  • Project Management
    Our Study of the vertical and our tools manage projects systematically.
  • Valuation
  • Asset Management
    We provide tools and well trained staff for Asset Management and Audits and we even assist in negotiating contracts terms.
  • Cost Containment
    We provide process of analysing an organisation’s performance as set against industry trends, helping you make informative and impactful business decisions.
  • Facility assessment
    We provide data which helps clients plan their financial requirement needed to properly maintain the facility. Our Assesments also include approximate cost for renovation vs cost of replacing facility based on facility conditions. We develope programs for customers to track life cycle, repair, replacement and refurbhisment needs.
  • Investory Services
  • Marketing
    Our Marketing team is experienced to provide help in planning, budgeting and strategic implementation to improve visiblity of sales.
  • Event Management
  • Training


TechnoPlanet Enterprise is already certified Reseller / Partner for various technology, products needed for hospitality projects.
  • Building Management Solutions
  • Surveillance Solutions
  • Communication Solutions - EPABX, PABX and PBX
  • Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Connectivity Solutions
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